MTHS talks PTSD, Anxiety and Stress at The Wellness Show, March 3-5, 2017.

Moving The Humans Spirit (MTHS) is taking its work on the road to generate more awareness about PTSD, Anxiety and Stress and how they affect everyday relationships in a real way.

“I believe that there is an assumption out there that if you have PTSD, Anxiety and or any Stress irregularity then you have a life sentence, and I also believe that because of that, people wont talk about it”, says MTHS’s founder Brad Hardie. “Our work helps establish a safe environment where individuals or couples can explore and feel more in control of feelings, triggers and emotions. Speaking openly and learning new skills that support all aspects of their Post Traumatic Growth is critical if they are going to master and manage what holds them back”.  

Moving The Humans Spirit is a Professional Life Coaching Consulting Company that provides drive and guidance for their clients to help respond to challenges, improve relationships and live a full and rewarding life in the face of traumatic pasts.

“We focus on changing negative conditions and creating powerful outcomes that are measurable”, says Susan Hogarth, co-founder of MTHS. “Through a solution-focused approach, we look in a forward direction and employ a number of techniques that engage and stimulate actual change. As a result we are seeing people’s resilience rise and their anxiety and stress lower”, she says. “It’s as if someone opened a door and realized there was a whole new world out there and they want to be part of it–and furthermore, they can!”.

CBC news reported in September 18, 2008, that almost 1 in 10 Canadians has post-traumatic stress at some point. This was from a study by researchers at McMasters University in Hamilton who conducted a telephone survey of 2,991 people, age 18 and over, from across Canada. The Canadian Mental Health Association of Ontario’s website states anxiety disorders affect about 12 % of Canadians. These include phobias, panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

“I’d say our society is aware of the situation, but still has stigma when it comes to the healing process,” says Mr. Hardie. “I believe that the more open we can be with mental health, then the more opportunity for positive healing can take place”.

MTHS will be at the Wellness Show this year and they are offering some great prizes; show discounts of up to 30-70% on selected services and a spinning prize wheel to have fun and generate honest conversation around PTSD, Anxiety and Stress.

To learn more about MTHS visit them in person at booth 527 or check out This year’s Wellness Show is taking place at Vancouver Convention Centre, West Building in downtown Vancouver on March 3-5, 2017.

About the Author: Moving The Human Spirit

Moving The Human Spirit are passionate about uncovering the myth that trauma only happens to a few people and that nothing can change the impact. We have spent the last decade helping clients look through the lens of trauma in a completely different way