Trauma-Informed Leadership

What is trauma-informed leadership?

Trauma-informed leadership is a knowledge-based practice that incorporates the emotional, cognitive, and somatic aspects of an individual’s experience. Trauma-informed leaders create environments that nurture post-traumatic growth by recognizing trauma’s presence and holding the space for processing distress. They help build resilience in being able to regulate emotional intrusion and give compassion around the narrative of trauma and how it shows up.

Why become a trauma-informed leader?

Trauma-informed leaders are better able to support their people to be healthy and productive members of the team. It can help leaders enhance their empathy and compassion. When people experience understanding from the leadership team, they feel respected and safe.

Trauma-Informed Leadership course

This ground-breaking course is an opportunity for leaders who want to build self-awareness gain confidence in recognizing the presence of trauma in their team.

The course consists of six weekly three-hour sessions, delivered online. Topics covered include:

  • Creating trust and safety
  • Effective listening
  • Understanding trauma-informed presence
  • Conducting conversations in the presence of trauma
  • Using a positive feedback framework
  • Recognizing wellness
  • Working effectively as a trauma-informed leader

Who is the course for?

This course is suitable for leaders from all walks of life who want to deepen their understanding and skills around trauma:

  • CEOs, C-Suite executives, Human Resources and other managers
  • Community leaders, parents, teachers, social workers and those working with children, young adults and vulnerable populations
  • Professionals who want to enhance their knowledge and acquire skills around trauma-informed leadership to support clients, teams, and communities.

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